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Where to Get a Face Mask Made in Hawaii

March 26, 2021

All visitors traveling to Maui, and all the other islands in Hawaii, are required to follow the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. To avoid the 10-day mandatory quarantine, visitors must be able to submit a negative result of the Covid-19 test prior to their departure. Aside from the test, they must also abide by the health and safety protocols that the CDC has imposed. These include maintaining a safe distance away from others and wearing a face mask at all times.

Because of the pandemic, the face mask has now become the world’s most coveted commodity. Whether for yourself, friends or family, you can get these Hawaii face mask souvenirs to jazz up your out-on-the-town outfit and make it that much more special. If you are in Maui or are just wondering where to order a locally made in Hawaii face mask then check out these vendors!

Kealopiko Inc.

Kealopiko Inc. is a Hawaiian Lifestyle Brand that was established in 2006. It was started by a group of three friends with an aim to produce eco-friendly products. They wanted to share the stories of their Hawaiian ancestors through their products by taking inspiration from native plants and animals, local languages and practices, as well as the stories and history of the local people of Hawaii. Kealopiko is known for producing custom-made souvenirs, such as bags, unisex tees, and accessories like face masks.

The company gives back to the local community to help keep Hawaii healthy both from environmental and cultural perspectives. They donate to various organizations with missions that are centered around cultural practices and preservation.

Love the Beach Maui

Love The Beach has been producing original and custom-made swimwear for more than 20 years now. Owned by Lucinda, who is also the designer herself, Love The Beach is committed to offering a variety of design options with a custom fit design, and caters to all sizes, from petite to plus-size. Aside from bathing suits, they also produce dresses, yoga pants, and various accessories, including face masks made in Hawaii. These products are made using high-quality fabric with fun Hawaiian designs.

Love The Beach used to have a store in Paia, but is now based in Kula. If you want custom-made swimwear, you can make an appointment by calling them or sending them an email. Those who are not in Maui can order from their website and have the item delivered anywhere on the island free of charge.

Na Koa Brand

Na Koa Brand, LLC is a locally-owned and operated company that’s committed to creating unique clothing and accessories. They have products for men, women, kids, and infants. All their products are handmade and were created using locally sourced materials. Aside from clothing and accessories, they also have their own jewelry line with products made from gold-plated materials.

The face masks of Na Koa are made from cotton and you can choose from a wide variety of designs. These Hawaii face masks for sale are not intended for use in any surgical or medical setting, but as per the CDC recommendation, cotton masks can be worn in public places to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus. They have recently lowered the price of their face masks, from $15 to only $10 each.

Maui Island Love

Maui Island Love is another eco-friendly company that produces beautiful handmade products made from reused, repurposed, and recycled materials that may have otherwise been discarded. They work with various local companies to source materials for their products, from woodworkers who give them scraps to local furniture stores that offer them discounted samples. Sometimes, family and friends would help in producing their products.

Maui Island Love sells a wide variety of souvenir items. They have custom-made tote bags, jewelry holders, wooden art photos, and face masks. Their cotton face masks are reversible, lightweight, reusable, and machine washable. Each of these Hawaii face masks is carefully made with love. Aside from face masks, they also sell a pouch that can safely hold the masks.

Island Girl Collection

Island Girl Collection is run by Valerie who has a passion for sewing a wide range of products made from colorful Hawaiian fabrics. She sells a wide range of homemade products, such as small zipper pouches, purses, and all sorts of bags in different styles and sizes. When the pandemic started and the face mask became a commodity, she started producing cotton masks as well.

You can choose from a wide variety of face masks from the Island Girl Collection. There’s a custom-made face mask that comes with a filter pocket and nose wire, as well as face masks made of pleated fabric. Customers will have an option to choose from a variety of fabrics for their Made in Maui face masks. Aside from the masks, she also sells a set of scrub caps with face masks, which are among her most popular products.

A Maui Day Original Handbags

A Maui Day Original Handbags sells handbags made from locally sourced fabric with fun prints. Although the company sells mostly handbags, wristlets, and purses, they have recently added face masks in their line of products. Just like their bags, their cotton face masks have fun and colorful Hawaiian-inspired prints. These masks are reversible and washable, and cost $15 to $17 each, depending on the style and design.

Owned by Severina who also designs the products and hand-prints some of them onto silk screens, A Maui Day Original Handbags are original artwork inspired by the multicultural lifestyle and the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Sassy Saks

Sassy Saks sells handmade handbags made from a variety of premium fabrics including satins, velvets, and silks. Just like the handbags, their cotton face masks are made with great attention to detail, featuring fun and colorful designs. The masks are reusable with about two to three layers of fabric. Each Hawaii face mask for sale is backed with cotton muslin, so it’s soft and comfortable to wear. You can choose from a variety of prints, colors, and styles.

Sassy Saks is owned by Debbie Jokovich who designed the products herself. The company was born out of her desire to carry fashionable, useful, and durable bags that are also functional. Debbie’s skill in beautiful natural design, inspired by her travels and personal understanding of bags is reflected in each and every product of Sassy Saks.

Shopping should be part of your itinerary when going for a holiday in Maui. In fact, even if you don’t intend to shop, you are likely to find something that will entice you to make a purchase, from unique handcrafted items to colorful Hawaiian clothing. And since wearing a face mask is a must these days, this product can make for a perfect souvenir to bring back home to families or friends. If you need an idea where to buy Made in Maui Face Mask, check the list above.

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