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What Souvenirs You Send from Hawaii: 6 Artisan Products to Buy as Gifts

February 12, 2021

Hawaii, to many people, is a vision of paradise. It’s a place that those who have visited at least once will surely miss, given the many wonderful experiences and memories they have surely made. Moreover, even those who have not yet been to this tropical paradise will surely envision themselves being there. So if you have friends from other countries who are asking for a little Hawaiian souvenir, we’ve got some great ideas on what you can give them made from Hawaii.

6 Ideas on What Souvenirs We Can Send Made in Hawaii

Not sure what to give your loved ones from another country? Check out these awesome proudly Hawaiian artisan products, all of which are available in the Made in Maui County Marketplace.

Bamboo Nose Flute

Also called ‘ohe hano ihu’ in Hawaiian, the bamboo nose flute is a popular musical instrument in  Polynesia and the Pacific Rim countries, including Hawaii. The creative people of Kapa Curious produce these nose flutes using Maui-grown bamboo. They are handcrafted and Hawaiian-inspired prints are then wood burned on each piece. Makes for a great gift for friends who love playing musical instruments.

Wooden Earrings

Have a friend from abroad who enjoys unique fashion accessories? This selection of lightweight wooden earrings from all i see is ART will be a great Hawaiian gift! These laser-cut wood earrings are made using baltic birch with gold fill or sterling silver findings. These earrings are available in different Hawaiian-themed designs.

Hawaiian Ceramic Products

If you are looking for a gift for a friend who appreciates ceramic home decorations, these ceramic products from Ark Ceramics will definitely be very much appreciated. These ceramic art pieces are perfect for decorating tropical-themed houses.

Made In Hawaii Beauty Products

For your friends who enjoy pampering themselves through luxurious bubble baths and beauty regimens, these Hawaii-made beauty products will surely make them feel special. Bath soaps, body butter, perfumes, exfoliating products, body mists, candles, and more — you will find a large selection of self-care products in Made in Maui County Marketplace.

Maui Coffee

Give your friends a gift that will surely perk them up! These coffee products from one of Maui’s coffee farms will surely delight them and their mornings. With coffee beans grown at the 1400 ft. elevation on the island of Maui, you are sure to give your friends and loved ones a Hawaiian product that is of great quality and taste.

Wine and Spirits from Hawaii

Another thing Hawaii is known for are the breweries on the island. Maui most especially is home to a number of distilling and brewing companies that provide high-quality alcoholic drinks. From canned cocktails, rum, vodka, gin, or beer, your friends will surely appreciate your Hawaii-inspired gift.

So whether you are looking for a homecoming gift, a memento of your travel to Hawaii or simply sending out some Hawaiian aloha to a friend from afar, be sure to check out these gift ideas. For more genuine Hawaiian arts and crafts for gifts, you can also check out Made in Maui Marketplace.

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