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What is the Weather in Hawaii Like During the Summer Months?

May 15, 2020

Hawaii is one of the best places to visit all year round. But just like any other vacation travel destination, the weather in the islands does change. This is why when you plan your visit to Hawaii, it’s important that you take into account what the weather is like in the islands during your vacation. For you to make the most of your vacation in this tropical destination, here are a few things that you should know about Hawaiian weather, and what makes the summer season so special.

Climate in Hawaii

So what is the weather like in Hawaii? Our islands only really have two seasons: summer, which starts in May and lasts until October, and winter which starts in November until April. During summer, the temperature ranges from 84 to 88 ºF (29 to 31 ºC). On the other hand, the temperature during the winter season ranges from 79 to 82 ºF (26 to 28 ºC). It’s generally warm weather all year round, but the rain and surf conditions vary drastically throughout the year. Expect it to be hot and humid during the summer months, especially in areas like Waikiki and Honolulu.

The Wettest Months in Hawaii

How often does in rain in Hawaii? If you want to avoid rainfall during your Hawaiian vacation, you might want to book your travel during the summer season as this is when you can expect less rain. The wettest months in Hawaii start from November to April, the winter season. But throughout the year, even when it rains on one part of an island in Hawaii, the sun will be shining on another part nearby.

The Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Considering that Hawaii is mostly sunny all year round, you can always expect to have a good time and enjoy the beauty of the islands. But if you want to avoid rainy weather and make the most of the tropical paradise that our islands boast, then the summer season is definitely the best time to visit.

But if you don’t feel like joining the huge crowd of tourists that flock the islands during summer, then you might want to schedule your Hawaiian vacation during the low season which starts from April to mid-June and September to mid-December (except during the Thanksgiving week). During these months, you can book flights, hotels, and cars at more affordable rates and you can expect beaches and attractions to be less crowded.

During the summer season, you can expect many families visiting the islands, so tourist attractions and beaches will be jampacked. There are fewer deals available during this season, but prices are less expensive as compared to those during the winter season. 

Surfing Season in Hawaii

If you are thinking about riding the waves of Hawaii, then the winter months are the best time for catching some great waves, especially for the experienced and professional surfers, as well as the spectators. As for the beginners who should be sticking to the smaller and easier waves, the summer season is the best time to learn and practice. And if you want to commemorate your surfing experience, you can bring home some original surfboard art

Cruising and Whale Watching

If you want to catch a glimpse of the most majestic water creatures that visit the Hawaiian islands, then you should book a whale watching experience during the months of November to May. During the peak of the season, from January to March, the humpback whales can be seen throughout the island chain. But you can choose to go on a boat tour or a whale-watching cruise in Maui, Molokai, or Lanai to make the most of your adventure since these are the top spots for whale watching.

The islands of Hawaii offer a lot of beautiful sights and experiences to both its guests and locals, especially during the summer season. So if you are planning to book a vacation soon, better make it a summer vacation in Hawaii. And if you are looking for the best Maui souvenir to bring home with you, we have some ideas!

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