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Things to Do on Maui During the Winter Season

November 6, 2020

Winter is one of the most exciting seasons all around the world. Apart from the fact that the winter season is time for snow and snuggles for most countries in the northern hemisphere, it’s also a great time for many celebrations and festivities across the globe. There’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and many more. And if you are ever thinking about celebrating your winter holidays in Maui, maybe for a different way of celebrating the holidays, then here are some Maui island activities that you can sign up for during the winter season.

Whale Watching

During the winter season, Maui is one of the best places to witness the winter migration of the North Pacific humpback whales. Starting from the month of November until May, these whales grace the waters of Hawaii to breed and give birth. During these months, you can bring your family and friends on a boat trip to some of the best places to experience the beauty of these majestic creatures. You can also watch them from the shores of West Maui. If you stay in one of the beachfront condos along this coast, you can even get a chance to see the whales right from the balcony of your condo.

Join the Banyan Tree Lighting Event

One of the biggest and most awaited winter events in Maui is the annual Banyan Tree Lighting Holiday Festival. With the Banyan Tree being one of the most iconic landmarks in the town of Lahaina, this historical tree is celebrated annually by lighting up the whole park with more than 6,500 sparkling lights, which officially signals the beginning of the holiday festivities in West Maui. These beautiful lights at the Banyan Tree Park will stay up starting December 7th until January 1st of the next year.

Celebrate in Holiday Luaus

Hawaii might not have a snowy holiday, which is a good thing for most tourists who visit it during winter, but Maui is a great place to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Every establishment, restaurant, and hotel in Maui has its own way of giving back and sharing some love during the holiday season. Many establishments offer amazing holiday feasts, with some providing free entertainment and special menus that are only available during holidays. Various organizations also host numerous parties and activities that locals and tourists of all ages will enjoy.

Christmas Shopping

Another thing that makes the holidays more exciting is the different sales and holiday stores that open up on various key locations in Maui. Most of the stores around the area offer various products and unique Hawaiian handicrafts that can be great as holiday gifts for your loved ones. You can also check out the large selection of high-quality products in Made in Maui County, all of which are created by the skilled artisans of Maui. Our online marketplace holds an array of Hawaiian goods, souvenirs, and gifts that your friends and family will surely love.

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