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The Best Places To Get Coffee on Maui

February 26, 2021

Hawaii is one of the only two states in the US that grow coffee. So if you’re a coffee-lover, you should definitely go to Hawaii for a holiday, specifically on the island of Maui. Maui has more than fifty coffee farms, with more farms being added each year. Some are large-scale commercial farms, while others are small coffee estates spanning from the town of Kä’anapali to the slopes of Hana and Haleäkala. These coffee farms produce coffee organically.

Looking for the best places to get coffee in Maui should be easy. The island has plenty of great cafes that serve delectable coffee made from locally sourced beans. Although each cafe has its own unique concept and offerings, one common trait that you will find in all of these cafes is their dedication and support to the local community. Aside from sourcing their ingredients locally, they are committed to using biodegradable materials to help protect the environment.

No matter which part of Maui you are, there’s always a place to find a great cup of coffee. To guide you through this, we’ve rounded up the best places to get coffee in Maui.

Maui Coffee Roasters Kahului

Located right at the heart of Maui, this coffee shop specializes in 100% Hawaii grown coffee, Hawaiian Blends, Hawaiian Flavored Coffee, and 100% Kona Coffee. They roast their coffee in small batches daily to guarantee optimal freshness. Some of the drinks that you can order at Maui Coffee Roasters are cold brews, Thai iced coffees, espresso, lattes, chai, and smoothies. They also serve delicious foods to go with your coffee, such as salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

Aside from serving delicious drinks, Maui Coffee Roasters also sell a wide variety of packaged coffee beans, as well as accessories for brewing a perfect cup of coffee. They carry different brands, including Hario, AeroPress, and Bonavita. You can buy anything coffee-related, from hydro flasks, French presses, coffee mugs to cold brewing machines, and more!

Maui Coffee Roasters Kahului is definitely a great place to visit if you’re looking for a good cup of Hawaiian coffee. It’s near the airport and can be easily accessed from all parts of the island.

Maui Mountain Coffee

Although there are now plenty of large-scale coffee growers in Maui, there are a few family-owned coffee estates that produce the most authentic Hawaiian coffee on the island, and one of these is the Maui Mountain Coffee.

Maui Mountain Coffee produces a wide range of coffee, and their most popular products are the Volcano Roast and the Sunrise Roast. The farm is located at 2,650 feet above sea level in a region known for its warm days, cool nights, and plenty of rains, which is the perfect condition for growing Arabica coffee beans.

In Maui Mountain Coffee, they hand-pick the cherries carefully and will only do so once they are ready. The beans are wet-processed and sun-dried before they are made into coffee. And unlike the large-scale commercial growers, their coffee products are not mass-produced. But the best part about Maui Mountain Coffee is that they give back to the environment. Five percent of their gross sales go towards helping save Maui’s forest birds. Unfortunately, Maui Mountain Coffee is currently closed, but visitors can call to schedule an appointment to visit the farm.

Paia Bay Coffee

Located in Maui’s North Shore area, Paia Bay Coffee is known for its Al Fresco setup, allowing guests to enjoy their coffee outdoors. Here, you can have your coffee in an open courtyard with sunlight and fresh air, and surrounded by lush jungle. Their menu may not be as extensive as the other coffee shops in Maui, but everything is delicious.

The biggest draw of Paia Bay Coffee is its atmosphere, where you get to enjoy nature while enjoying a good cup of coffee. It is surrounded by lush jungle and there’s water flowing from the small fountains. The courtyard opens fully to the sky, so you will really feel connected to nature in a very relaxing setting.

Tambra Gardens

Kula is home to some of the best coffee producers in Maui, such as the Tamara Gardens, also known as Kula Beans. This organic family farm is located in lower Kula and they have more than 150 coffee trees that produce one of Hawaii’s best coffee beans. In fact, they have been hailed the “Best Maui Coffee” in 2012 and 2015 by the HI Coffee Association.

The Kula Beans are estate-grown at a farm located in an elevation of 2,000 feet, at the slopes of the Haleakalā Mountain, which has rich volcanic soil and favorable weather conditions. They offer a combination of two coffee varieties, the Typica and Red Catuai. The coffee beans used for producing the coffee products of Tamara Gardens were grown sustainably without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Once the cherries are perfectly ripe, they are carefully hand-picked, pulped, and sundried.

Aside from coffee, Tamara Gardens also grow, harvest, and sell a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables, which you will find being sold at the Upcountry Farmers Market. Committed to providing premium coffee products with the highest quality, Tamara Gardens continue to expand on their “value-added” products.

Laulima Farm

If you are feeling adventurous during your Maui holiday, and are looking to conquer the Road to Hana, you will find a small coffee farm along the way called the Laulima Farm. This place not only serves up coffee but also a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables. The farm is surrounded by hundreds of tall bamboos that you can hear the sounds of their stalks crashing against each other whenever the wind blows!

The grounds in Laulima Farm are truly breathtaking. Here, you will find different kinds of fruit trees growing, from papaya, jackfruit, to bananas and all kinds of citrus trees. Grab a seat on one of the cozy seating outdoors and enjoy your cup of Hawaiian-grown coffee. After you finish up your coffee, take a walk around the property and sample some of the fruits that are in season.

Aside from the coffee shops and coffee farms mentioned above, there are several other places in Maui that you can enjoy a good cup of Hawaiian-grown coffee. So, on your next holiday to Maui, forget about Starbucks and all the other familiar coffee shops that you have back home. Instead, explore the local coffee culture and sample authentic Hawaiian coffee drinks produced from locally grown coffee beans. And don’t forget to bring some of these coffee beans back home!

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