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Organic fresh frozen ‘Awa

Awa is the Hawaiian word for a large shrub many know as kava kava. The root makes a relaxing beverage historically consumed throughout the Polynesian islands. Pu’u O Hoku Ranch produces some of the finest quality ‘awa in the world. Preparation directions: Put ‘awa in fine mesh nylon bag and place in a bowl with lukewarm water (use about 12 cups of water for ½ pound ‘awa, or to taste.) Knead the ‘awa through the bag, squeezing and pressing; the more it’s massaged, the thicker and stronger the beverage. When done, twist bag well for full extraction. Will keep refrigerated 3-4 days; stir before drinking. Pulp can be stored in freezer for 6-8 months. Relax! With Aloha from Molokai Ingredients? 100% certified organic & Biodynamic fresh frozen ‘awa root pulp, grown and produced on Molokai.

$22 per pound or $15 per half pound

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