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Kupu Spirits Canned Cocktails

A dream begins not in the physical world, but in our imagination. From there it springs forth a new beginning. With great pride, Maui Brewing Company presents island crafted Kupu Spirits. Kupu Spirits uses only the finest locally grown ingredients offering complexity, quality, and warm bold flavors delivered from oak barrels. Spirits include Gin, White Whiskey, and Whiskey. Our ready-to-enjoy craft cocktails are blended with Maui Brewing Co.'s Island Soda which are created in-house using all natural ingredients including cane sugar, local island honey, and Hawaiian ginger. Try all three! Whiskey Ginger, Whiskey Cola, and Gin & Tonic available. Find Kupu Spirits at locations near you by visiting:

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Founded in 2005, Maui Brewing Company is Hawaii’s largest craft brewery, operating 100% in Hawaii. Maui Brewing Company is a fiercely local company and has remained steadfast regarding local production. ... More about this seller

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