Made In Maui County Festival

Holoholo Dress

Adventure in this lightweight, easy fitting sundress. Made from soft silky swimsuit material (nylon/lycra) for fast drying and extra comfort. This is a close fitting, scoop neck tank top with a 4 panel flared skirt. In Hawaii holoholo means to go for a walk, ride or sail….to go out for pleasure. Going “holoholo” is all about journeying without a destination, clearing the mind and adventuring for the pure fun of it!


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Island inspired dresses, rompers & activewear made for girls! Baby Blue is a little girls’ clothing line created by Pamela Winans of Cool Blue Maui. Our limited edition Twirling Dresses, Holo Holo Dresses and Rompers are all handmade on Maui from seasonally sourced fabrics. Each ... More about this seller

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