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Hawaiian Drinks & Beverages For Sale

Whether you are looking to wash down all that Hawaiian food from Maui or simply recharge with a refreshing island drink we have lot of unique beverages to choose from. With all the ono (delicious) options in island beverages, the options are almost overwhelming! Which is why the Maui County Marketplace has put together this online shopping directory to serve as a helpful resource to put you in touch with local vendors that produce Hawaii unique foods and beverages. From tropical fruit cocktails and soda mixes to some of the best coffee and teas our islands have to offer. Whether you are looking for something different to add to your island experience or simply looking for a souvenir gift from Maui, peruse through this shopping guide to discover what these Hawaiian sellers have to offer!

Hawaii Coffee, Tea & More

Between the white sand, warm Hawaiian sunshine, and cool ocean waves, nothing quite beats a day at the beach. Unless of course you are cracking open a nice, cold Maui craft beer! Or even a hot cup of Hawaii coffee as you stroll along the shoreline during a relaxing morning in paradise. You could even bring the Hawaiian Islands back home with you with organic coffee bags and gourmet Maui tea ready to be brewed in your favorite mug as a Hawaii souvenir while you fondly look back on your time in our island paradise.

And if you have been looking for that perfect mahalo gift basket, nothing quite says thank you than an carefully selected assortment of Hawaiian goodies! With our strict vendor requirements, you can browse through these Hawaii coffee, latte, cocktail mixes and teas with the peace of mind that you are getting some of the highest quality island goods in the chain!

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