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Made In Hawaii Beauty Products

With the sound of waves gently crashing and the rustle of swaying coconut palms, you might be thinking that there are few things more relaxing than a day in paradise. Pair those island vibes with a rejuvenating spa treatment and you might just have a match made in heaven. Take Hawaii home with you and treat yourself to a little relaxation in the comfort of your own space! Our online shopping directory of made in Maui bath and body products makes finding the perfect Hawaiian tropical gift, whether it is for a loved one or yourself, a breeze!

Unique Gifts and Hawaii Souvenirs

Using natural ingredients like coconut oil, our local artisans and entrepreneurs have captured the raw beauty of Hawaiian islands. From Maui botanicals to tropical materials, all bath salts and soaps, moisturizer, and perfumes feature nostalgic scents and textures of the Hawaiian Islands that you have come to love. Exfoliating scrubs, body butter, soap gift sets, perfume, body bronzer, scented body mist sprays and so much more! And since each of our Maui County suppliers have to meet strict vendor requirements, you have the peace of mind that you are putting authentic quality Hawaii beauty products on your body.

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