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Pack Your (Sail) Bags! – There’s a Bag For That

September 25, 2019

Let’s face it; bags are essential for everyday life. They carry all of our belongings, our necessities, our not-so-necessary items, and we feel much safer knowing all of our “stuff” is stored securely in a single contraption.

Some bags are not as orthopedic friendly, not eco-friendly, and well, just not as cute as others. Some bags weigh ten pounds before putting a single thing in them, while some are made from real animals, and some are just plain fugly (yep, this is a word). So why do we put ourselves through this distress when there is a simple solution?

Well, Gerilyn Emata, owner/creator of Sailbags Maui, has the answer.

Having had various jobs from flight attendant, performer, receptionista, to a quasi-costumier, Geri has been through a sundry of work necessities. Now a mother of three girls, a fiancée, business owner, self-sponsored musician, and once again a college student; she gives new meaning to the word “juggling.” Geri has learned the most effective ways to lug things to and fro along with a keeping-it-simple method of hauling her belongings.

Enter Sailbags Maui – Geri’s eco-friendly tote bags, wristlets, fanny packs, gym bags, clutches, and coin purses are changing the way we carry our stuff around. These upcycled kitesurfing sails that would normally end up in our landfill are all cut, hand-washed, sewn and handmade right here in Maui, Hawaii.

There’s a fun Sailbag for everything from toiletries for the gym to cocktail hour, coin bags, and even large totes that can carry a comforter to the beach.

Moms especially understand that easy access is one of the keys to life and sanity in general. Geri’s favorite Sailbag is the age-old Fanny Pack. It’s big enough to hold baby wipes, diapers, keys, and a phone leaving your hands free for a glass of wine in one hand and the other free and ready for the unpredictable.

There’s a lot of love put into each and every Sailbag created, each made from gently worn kites from Naish, as well as individuals who support their upcycling efforts. They are cute, ergonomically-friendly, splash-proof, one-of-a-kind, lightweight, durable, and the perfect go-to bag for everyday life. What more can you ask for?

According to Geri, “The epic journey of each kite we save gets a new breath of life and can continue to live on and sail on. Each bag becomes a unique conversation piece that inspires surf, recycling, and aloha. Our upcycled Sailbags are all cut, hand-washed, sewn, and sourced in Maui. From the ocean to your shoulder, we hope you enjoy Sailbags Maui products for many more adventures to come. . . Sail on!”

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