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Why it is Important to Support Local Business in Hawaii

The concept of starting your own business whether it’s here in Hawaii or somewhere else, is not something that everyone is brave enough to do. And those who take the leap put their heart and soul into the business, investing more than just money, but also their time, knowledge and other resources just to make sure that they succeed. 

The economy today is tough for all kinds of businesses. That’s why if you have a friend, a relative or an acquaintance who is working really hard just to make their business work, you might want to do them a favor and give them your support in any manner possible. In fact, supporting various local businesses in Hawaii provides a lot of benefits, not just for you, but also for everyone in the islands. By supporting a local business, you can help them:


‘Alohi Maui: More Than Skin Deep

Hibiscus, noni, turmeric, astaxanthin, Kona coffee cherries, and other wild and organic plants grown in Hawai’i form the foundation of an exciting brand of environmentally conscious skin care products made only on Maui. They are mixed with filtered rainwater captured along the north slopes of Haleakala, one of the world’s wettest spots.

But at ‘Alohi Maui, the concept of sustainability extends beyond the ingredients of the hydrating lotions and protective oils. Even the packaging is pono. The refillable bottles come in reusable textile pouches – cotton aloha prints from local company Trendtex and sewn on Oahu. Refills come not in plastic containers but glass bottles with a metal cap and paper labels; they can be reused or recycled. (more…)

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