Made In Maui County Festival

Heirloom Delights – Cherished family concoctions go mainstream

One of Maui’s most successful new culinary enterprises had humble beginnings.

“My dad used to make his old family recipe caramel corn once or twice a year while I was growing up on Kaua’i”, recalls Chad Miller, co-owner and co-founder, with his wife, Tiare, of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Company.

“He would have a copper kettle and two sawhorses. My mom would hold the kettle by the handles so that my dad could stir the homemade caramel mixture and fresh popcorn with his wooden paddle.”

One sweet cookie company: Maui Sugar Mamas

Leanne Ohta and Ana Magarin are the Maui Sugar Mamas. They are fun, dedicated mommies, hard-working business women and, ironically, are Dental Professionals who have the love and passion for baking.  The two have been best friends for over 25 years and ventured into entrepreneurship when a friend suggested they collaborate with a coffee shop and sell their ono banana bread.  That opportunity fell through, but their passion for baking allowed them to push forward and pursue their dream.

Maui Made Snacks – Ono Moa Candies

Ono candies made from the heart

Since early 2018, Ono Moa Candies has been producing the finest candied macadamia nuts, candied pecans, and walnuts in the Hawaiian Islands. Their secret? They start with quality, locally sourced ingredients combined with their passion for producing great snacks, to create delectable treats with a true taste of Aloha.

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