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Where to Get a Face Mask Made in Hawaii

All visitors traveling to Maui, and all the other islands in Hawaii, are required to follow the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. To avoid the 10-day mandatory quarantine, visitors must be able to submit a negative result of the Covid-19 test prior to their departure. Aside from the test, they must also abide by the health and safety protocols that the CDC has imposed. These include maintaining a safe distance away from others and wearing a face mask at all times.


What Souvenirs You Send from Hawaii: 6 Artisan Products to Buy as Gifts

Hawaii, to many people, is a vision of paradise. It’s a place that those who have visited at least once will surely miss, given the many wonderful experiences and memories they have surely made. Moreover, even those who have not yet been to this tropical paradise will surely envision themselves being there. So if you have friends from other countries who are asking for a little Hawaiian souvenir, we’ve got some great ideas on what you can give them made from Hawaii. (more…)

Where to Buy Shirts & Clothing Made in Hawaii?

Visiting Hawaii means more than just enjoying the lovely nature, culture, and overall experience that you can only experience in any of its islands. If you are in this tropical paradise, you will also want to dress the part and look like either a local or a tourist. Whatever your choice of fashion is, you can always find the right clothes to wear, or even to bring home as a gift to your friends and family members. So if you are in Hawaii or looking to buy online and would like to know where to buy clothing that is made in Hawaii, here are some places to check out.


Where to Find The Bests Gifts Made in Hawaii for the Holidays

The holiday season is here! And to most people, this season is considered to be a time of giving. Almost everyone works extra hard to find the perfect gifts, the perfect mementos, or the perfect way of celebrating with their family and friends. So if you are in Maui and you are also on a search for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, here are some of the best places to find gifts in Maui County for the Holidays. (more…)

Top 10 Hawaii Gift Ideas for the Holidays from Maui

The holidays are fast approaching and no pandemic is stopping us from showering our loved ones with gifts. If you are visiting Maui to enjoy your holidays and are also planning to do some holiday shopping, you will definitely want to check out a number of handmade gifts and crafts made by the talented artisans of the island. These handmade trinkets and food items are made with love and are the perfect Hawaiian-themed giveaways for any occasion. If you are not sure which Maui-made giveaway to give your loved ones this holiday, check out this top ten collection of Maui gift ideas that are perfect for this coming holiday season.


Why it is Important to Support Local Business in Hawaii

The concept of starting your own business whether it’s here in Hawaii or somewhere else, is not something that everyone is brave enough to do. And those who take the leap put their heart and soul into the business, investing more than just money, but also their time, knowledge and other resources just to make sure that they succeed. 

The economy today is tough for all kinds of businesses. That’s why if you have a friend, a relative or an acquaintance who is working really hard just to make their business work, you might want to do them a favor and give them your support in any manner possible. In fact, supporting various local businesses in Hawaii provides a lot of benefits, not just for you, but also for everyone in the islands. By supporting a local business, you can help them:


Best Gifts from Hawaii for Someone You Love

Leaving Hawaii soon? After spending a wonderful time in the beautiful island of Maui, you might be wondering now what gifts from the Hawaiian Islands to bring home with you as mementos of your stay in this tropical paradise. Or maybe you are thinking about grabbing a few Hawaii souvenirs to give to your family, friends and loved ones as soon as you get home. Well, if you don’t know where to find them, we are here to give you some great ideas and top choices for some of the best Hawaiian crafts proudly made by some of the local artisans from the islands of Maui, Lanai, and Molokai. Here, we are listing four great gifts that are available in the Made in Maui County Marketplace. (more…)

9 Local Hawaiian Gifts to Give for Friends Moving to Mainland

Do you have friends moving back to the mainland from Hawaii? We are sure there will be a lot to miss once they leave our beautiful tropical Hawaiian island, but it doesn’t mean that they will have to leave everything behind. With so many craftsmen and artisans in Hawaii, especially in Maui, who are creating various pieces of artwork, fashion, jewelry, food, and drinks that define the beauty of Hawaii, you will have a lot of things to give as a going-away gift! Here are 9 of the best local Hawaiian gifts to share with your friends and loved ones who are moving away to remind them of the wonderful time they have spent in our tropical paradise. (more…)

Keep’n TABS: Handbags & Accessories Designed with Recycled Can Tabs

In his seminal song “Margaritaville,” Jimmy Buffett famously laments, “Blew out my flip-flop. Stepped on a pop-top.”

Of course, pop-top soda cans have long gone the way of pogs – bottle caps for passion-orange-guava juice or milk (originally from Haleakala Dairy) and a popular preoccupation for school kids in the 1990s. They exist only in memory or eclectic collections.

In the place of pop-tops today are tabs that stay on the can. The tabs can be easily removed and now hold their own brand of fascination achieving a second life of sorts as shiny, durable baubles for fashion accessories.

That is the specialty of Maui’s Keep’n TABS, the creator Heather Pietras, a former caseworker in social services. (more…)

Best Maui Made Souvenirs to Bring Back from Your Hawaii Vacation

The bountiful Hawaiian Islands offer both locals and visitors a wide variety of experiences as well as treats that appeal to all five of our senses. Maui, most specifically, promises its guests a selection of beautiful scenery, mouthwatering food, and many other activities that are sure to quench your thirst for some R and R. Visiting this tropical paradise is sure to be a part of the bucket list of travelers from all over the world.

But what is a great Hawaii vacation getaway without souvenirs to share the experience with your closest family and friends? If you need some bright ideas on what are the best gifts from Maui to bring home after a great holiday, here are some of the top souvenirs that you can find during your stay!


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