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Captivating Maui Made Jewelry – Sparrow Seas

January 14, 2019

Wear Your Heart in Hawaii

Whether it be memories of your romantic Maui wedding on Kaanapali Beach, or your nostalgic childhood home in Haiku, Sparrow Seas allows visitors and residents alike—anyone for whom Hawaii is a special place—to display a unique piece of the islands close to their heart.

Sparrow Seas is a Maui-based designer and retailer of captivating jewelry inspired not only by the islands, but by the people who love them. Owner and designer Lynn Baldwin recalls something her mother-in-law always said, that her “heart was in Maui.”

“I think a lot of people feel that way about their special island place,” says Baldwin. Those very feelings formed the foundation of Sparrow Seas—a way to capture and cherish the close bond between person and place.

Sparrow Seas’ gorgeous jewelry includes eye-catching pendants of the Hawaiian Islands, dainty rings of pearl and semi-precious stone, and elegant bracelets expressing love and aloha. The company’s best-selling products are “a little bit of everything,” says Baldwin with a smile.

Her distinctive Hawaiian Islands Chain necklaces stretch from Kauai to Hawaii Island and can be embellished with a heart. For day-to-day wear, Baldwin’s dainty island pendants are particularly popular. Customers who love Maui are especially fond of Sparrow Seas’ Heart in Maui island rings. Other choices include keychains, earrings, and anklets.

The latest addition to Sparrow Seas’ creations is a new collection called Mermaid Jewels. Made of sterling silver and chalcedony stones, these ocean-hued pieces are designed to complement the company’s other products. For example, Mermaid Jewels necklaces can be layered with other Sparrow Seas pendants.

All of Sparrow Seas’ jewelry are handmade using either solid sterling silver or 14kgf and meticulously packaged using the company’s signature seafoam green colors. Each piece carries a Sparrow Seas signature Heart Charm to indicate its authenticity.

Sparrow Seas also welcomes customized orders. Imagine a necklace tailor-made to your perfect length, engraved with the date you said “I do,” and embellished with a heart marking the location of your forever island wedding. Or, order uniquely personalized gifts from the islands for the special persons in your life.

Sparrow Seas jewelry can be found online as well as in retail stores. View their entire product line; or browse their collections in person at the Maui Swap Meet on Saturdays at the Sparrow Seas mobile boutique; or at Heart in Paia, their charming little gift shop located at 115 Hana Highway in Paia.

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