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The Best Places To Get Coffee on Maui

Hawaii is one of the only two states in the US that grow coffee. So if you’re a coffee-lover, you should definitely go to Hawaii for a holiday, specifically on the island of Maui. Maui has more than fifty coffee farms, with more farms being added each year. Some are large-scale commercial farms, while others are small coffee estates spanning from the town of Kä’anapali to the slopes of Hana and Haleäkala. These coffee farms produce coffee organically.

Looking for the best places to get coffee in Maui should be easy. The island has plenty of great cafes that serve delectable coffee made from locally sourced beans. Although each cafe has its own unique concept and offerings, one common trait that you will find in all of these cafes is their dedication and support to the local community. Aside from sourcing their ingredients locally, they are committed to using biodegradable materials to help protect the environment.

No matter which part of Maui you are, there’s always a place to find a great cup of coffee. To guide you through this, we’ve rounded up the best places to get coffee in Maui.


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