Made In Maui County Festival

9 Local Hawaiian Gifts to Give for Friends Moving to Mainland

Do you have friends moving back to the mainland from Hawaii? We are sure there will be a lot to miss once they leave our beautiful tropical Hawaiian island, but it doesn’t mean that they will have to leave everything behind. With so many craftsmen and artisans in Hawaii, especially in Maui, who are creating various pieces of artwork, fashion, jewelry, food, and drinks that define the beauty of Hawaii, you will have a lot of things to give as a going-away gift! Here are 9 of the best local Hawaiian gifts to share with your friends and loved ones who are moving away to remind them of the wonderful time they have spent in our tropical paradise. (more…)

Top 10 Local and Fusion Food Hawaii is Known For

When it comes to mouthwatering fusion cuisine, Hawaii is definitely a melting pot of various culinary delights! More than just being a beautiful tropical destination, the Hawaiian Islands also offer an array of tasty experiences that you wouldn’t want to miss out on! In fact, in Maui alone, there are more than a hundred restaurants to choose from, featuring a variety of local and fusion food known in Hawaii.

If you are visiting paradise and wanted to get a taste of the most popular local Hawaiian dishes, here are 10 of the top foods to try in Maui!


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