Made In Maui County Festival

Where to Buy Quality Maui Art & Paintings

When it comes to beautifying your home, it’s a great idea to let your walls do the talking. If you are into visual arts, then you will enjoy having a number of paintings hanging around your home. Whether or not you have a home on the lovely island of Maui, you will surely enjoy having one of the finest artwork pieces sold by some of the best painters in the area. If you want to know where to buy top quality paintings on the island, here are a few places you might want to check out. (more…)

Kapa Art, A Personal Journey

Just ask Kekai Kahokuka’alani, owner of Kapa Curious, what makes her company unique, and she’ll talk about her roots, her ‘ohana, and about sharing the art of kapa making with the world. Here’s her story . . .

Born into a family of hula dancers, kapa makers, wood carvers, and lei makers I have been blessed to grow up thinking that it is normal to have art everywhere in a home. The smell of wauke and natural dyes would permeate the air while the ringing of tools carving into wood echoed in our ahupua’a on Moloka’i. When I became a mother, art took a backseat to providing for my daughter so when she decided to graduate from high school early, I was not prepared and found myself at a loss for what to do with my spare time. One day I found a piece of my mother’s kapa that she left behind from one of her visits, and I was suddenly compelled to embrace my art again. (more…)

The Secret to Ultra-Soft Skin – Sugar Scrub Hands Down

The key to soft, radiant hands may be no farther away than a tropical backyard garden.

That was the intriguing conclusion reached by Satoko Takahashi, owner of Maui Sugar Babe. Takahashi, a native of Japan, had long known that brewers of sake, working with fermented rice called koji, always had soft, moist hands from exposure to the enzymes – gentle, natural chemicals in the paste. In Japan, many skin-care products are crafted from koji, which is also a popular dietary supplement, and fermented rice bran, or nuka.

Often these come in the form of so-called sugar scrubs. Enzymes, Takahashi knew, help break down the keratin protein on dead cells on the upper layer of skin. This natural exfoliation without acid or other harsh chemicals works well for people with dry, sensitive skin, even those with eczema – red, itchy patches. (more…)

Aloha Letterpress: Hawaii Stationery Inspired by the Islands

Linda Coleon of Aloha Letterpress, whose Hawaii-made stationery, invitations and greeting cards are printed by using antique printing presses, shares her inspiration for her business, her printing methods, eye-catching products, and what it means to live aloha.

Living in Hawaii, our beautiful environment from sea to land, flowers, plants, and culture are often a source of inspiration for my designs. My letterpress printed stationery also includes many other botanical designs for I am drawn to the beauty of the diverse flora and fauna that surrounds us. (more…)

‘Alohi Maui: More Than Skin Deep

Hibiscus, noni, turmeric, astaxanthin, Kona coffee cherries, and other wild and organic plants grown in Hawai’i form the foundation of an exciting brand of environmentally conscious skin care products made only on Maui. They are mixed with filtered rainwater captured along the north slopes of Haleakala, one of the world’s wettest spots.

But at ‘Alohi Maui, the concept of sustainability extends beyond the ingredients of the hydrating lotions and protective oils. Even the packaging is pono. The refillable bottles come in reusable textile pouches – cotton aloha prints from local company Trendtex and sewn on Oahu. Refills come not in plastic containers but glass bottles with a metal cap and paper labels; they can be reused or recycled. (more…)

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