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Pack Your (Sail) Bags! – There’s a Bag For That

Let’s face it; bags are essential for everyday life. They carry all of our belongings, our necessities, our not-so-necessary items, and we feel much safer knowing all of our “stuff” is stored securely in a single contraption.

Some bags are not as orthopedic friendly, not eco-friendly, and well, just not as cute as others. Some bags weigh ten pounds before putting a single thing in them, while some are made from real animals, and some are just plain fugly (yep, this is a word). So why do we put ourselves through this distress when there is a simple solution?

Well, Gerilyn Emata, owner/creator of Sailbags Maui, has the answer.

Na Koa Brand: Keeping Hawaii Close to Your Head & Heart

Channeling ancient tradition, deities, and culture, Maui-based Na Koa Brand marshals a minimalist style to create compelling pieces of wearable art. Na Koa translates to “fearless warrior”, and founder and clothing designer Daimus Kanahele says he strives to inspire adults and youth “to live life to the fullest, without fear”.

Great Hawaiian Gifts: 10 Cool Maui-Made Products & Souvenirs

The Hawaiian Islands offer a wide selection of experiences that anyone, resident or visitor, will want to experience. Apart from the wonderful hospitality, the beautiful tropical scenery, the majestic Maui mountains and the mouthwatering dishes that you can only find right here in Hawaii, you can always bring home a selection of cool Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs that are proudly made by the local vendors of Maui, Molokai, and Lanai.

Not sure what products from Hawaii you want to bring home with you? Check out these 10 Hawaiian souvenirs that make the perfect vacation memento or even a unique gift for a loved one!


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