Made In Maui County Festival

all i see is ART by Leah M. Santos

Art has the power to transform our world. Just ask artist and designer Leah Santos owner of “all I see is ART.”

Leah creates lightweight laser cut and carved wood jewelry that embodies Hawaiian motifs on high quality, locally sourced and imported wood. Each design has a significant story and tells a little more about the beauty found on Maui where she grew up.

Utilizing natural materials, Leah transforms them by using modern technology to carve intricate designs that emulate the beauty seen in our Hawaiian environment. The blending of art and technology allows her to be creative in an emerging field of fabrication.

Clutch as Canvas – A.M.I.T.Y. Designs Blends Fabrics, Flora and Fun

Maui-born and Kihei-based photographer Amity Mason has created a razor-sharp niche that embraces Hawaii’s unmistakable sense of place. Her one-of-a-kind handbags, adorned with iconic isle motifs, suit themselves to almost any occasion, be it a beach day, luau or a reception at the Arts & Cultural Center. This, she maintains, is a natural outgrowth of her island roots.

“When not sewing, you can find me in the ocean – surfing, swimming, paddling,” says Mason, whose name fittingly means friendship and love.

Heirloom Delights – Cherished family concoctions go mainstream

One of Maui’s most successful new culinary enterprises had humble beginnings.

“My dad used to make his old family recipe caramel corn once or twice a year while I was growing up on Kaua’i”, recalls Chad Miller, co-owner and co-founder, with his wife, Tiare, of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Company.

“He would have a copper kettle and two sawhorses. My mom would hold the kettle by the handles so that my dad could stir the homemade caramel mixture and fresh popcorn with his wooden paddle.”

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